Diesel performance chip MINI D fastox more performance

Additional Control Unit specific for MINI D DIESEL  common-rail, digital and fully adjustable, ECO - HARD dual-channel customization . 22 user-customizable maps, "plug and play" easy installation . It boosts engine performance by up to 35% more power and torque with a reduction in gas consumption of up to 22% less additional control unit box Engine control unit ECU  

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Additional Control Unit FAST-BOX ®

The Additional Control Unit  FASTBOX specific and pre-programmed for MINI D  common rail diesel engines CR simple to install by any user, even for the amateur, offers an increased torque and power by about 35% more than the normal factory output, completely customizable and user-adjustable.




The Additional Control Unit FAST-BOX is a newly designed electronic module that optimizes and improves performances by up to 35% of torque and power of modern turbo diesel engines, in compliance with the strictest environmental legislation.
The operation is based on the correction of the signals coming from the engine control unit towards the injection system, with the possibility to carry out the necessary settings in total safety and in a completely automated way.

To install a FAST-BOX module it is quick and easy: just connect the supplied cable in the kit to the car (fuel injectors, injection pump connector, etc.) by bypassing the original engine wiring.
To create quality interfaces between the additional module and the car, we use components and connectors that are utilized by the original manufacturers.
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Thanks to the dedicated map switch placed directly on the unit, the user, during the installation can further modify the settings of the FAST-BOX to better meet the wanted needs. Finally, we inform you that with a switch led button or a wireless compact remote (OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES) it’s always possible to switch between the original engine power and customized power in a single click from the driver's seat.
The versatility of the product, combined with the simple installation, make FAST-BOX a must have by the car enthusiasts that can, depending on the type of route to drive, obtain with a single operation an instantaneous increase in torque and power and an fuel consumption optimization up to 22% less.


ECO: The channel was designed for all the customers who do not want a lot of power and more torque, but especially a significant reduction in fuel saving of up to 22% less. It manages up to 11 preset maps , selectable according to your needs and whenever you want using the simple controller on the control unit.



POWER: The power channel dedicated to all those who want a car more reactive and snappy for faster and more aggressive overtakings, you can get up to 35% more power and torque, and it’s customizable from the 11 pre-programmed presets by us during the testing phase.


The only one in the world with the innovative "system check engine". It recognizes automatically the ignition system on which will be installed so there will be no installation errors.

The only one in the world to boast this "Security System" that in case the controller should fail automatically bypasses the system and brings the car back to its original condition, so you’ll never be left on foot.
The innovative chip we chose (128kb) provides a recalculation of the signal much more fast and efficient compared to classical additional control units on the market.
It offers a lot more boost at low and mid range working capacity than the competition, but above all , maximum control and safety on the last generation models, without any warning lights on your dashboard.



- Significant increase in power up to 35% more
- Excellent increase in torque up to 80 NM more
- Large fuel savings of up to 22% less
- In many cases the gap below 2000 RPM is erased
- From 0 to 100 km / h - 2/2
- Speed increase up to +10-15 km / h
- Safer and faster overtakings
- Safe and reliable, fully assembled in Italy with high quality components. Every unit doesn’t leave our warehouse until it has successfully passed dozens of tests, reliability, safety and quality.
- Fully digital and assembled in SMD according to the Rohs requirements
- Provision of torque and power is completely customizable by the user, thanks to the 2 channels handled by 128 kbit microprocessor to and 22 pre-set maps.
- It cannot be detected by the auto-diagnostic systems
- The exhaust gases stay within normal range values
- 3 years warranty with immediate replacement in case of factory defects
- Can be mounted on any vehicle (with the same kind of engine) in the future without further expense
- A real concentrate of modern technology now and at your fingertips
- The car warranty will not be affected
- Complete with the original wiring for your car, not altering the warranty and with an easy installation with no need of a mechanic.
- Everything is included in the box - "Plug and Play"


Complete Satisfaction or Money-back Guarantee 

Mini Clubman Cooper D 109 142
Mini Clubman Cooper D 112 146
Mini Countryman R60 Cooper D 112 146
Mini Countryman R60 Cooper SD 143 186
Mini Countryman R60 One D 90 117
Mini R50/52/53 One D 75 98
Mini R50/52/53 One D 88 114
Mini R55/56/57 Cooper D 109 142
Mini R55/56/57 Cooper D 114 148
Mini R55/56/57 Cooper D ab Bj 03/2010 112 146
Mini R55/56/57 Cooper SD 143 186
Mini R55/56/57 One D 90 117
Mini R55/56/57 One D ab Bj 03/2010 90 117


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